Those who opt for a vegan lifestyle also prefer to use plant-based products for their daily hair care. Animal ingredients and additives as well as animal testing are clear no-goes for you? Then opt for vegan shampoos that clean and care for your hair and meet your ethical convictions. There are many animal-friendly alternatives for your beauty: buy vegan shampoos for oily hair, more volume or against hair loss and dandruff. We present you the different products and enlighten you about the ingredients.

What does vegan shampoo mean?
Well-groomed hair is desired by many, but not everyone wants to use products with animal ingredients for this. Vegan shampoos do without animal ingredients – because the plant world offers effective alternatives for numerous caring additives from animals. Plant-based shampoos care for your mane and enrich the product range for your daily shower routine.

Which shampoos are vegan?
Recognizing vegan shampoos is not necessarily very easy. So that you don’t have to laboriously check every package for animal ingredients, all vegan products at Peppery Spot are clearly marked as such. The blue circle with the word “VEGAN” serves as your shopping guide and guarantees that the item contains no animal ingredients or additives. In addition, more and more products are also marked with vegan labels and seals: For example, look for the V-Label and the Vegan Flower (“Vegan Trademark”). These logos make shopping easier and also give you the assurance that the cosmetics are 100 percent vegan.

Tip: A good vegan shampoo provides your hair with the nourishing active ingredients it needs. In the range you will find products for a wide variety of care needs: from vegan anti-dandruff shampoo with tea tree oil to children’s shampoos for sensitive scalps and shampoo with deadnettle extract for fine, flat hair.

Which ingredients are contained in herbal hair products?
Ingredients of animal origin are not always immediately identifiable as such. For example, undesirable animal products are hidden behind these designations: Vitamin A (retinol), keratin, cholesterol, cysteine and gelatin.
With plant-based soy and wheat protein, vegan keratin shampoo supports the natural protective function of your hair and makes it easier to comb after washing.
Many other plant-based substances have a care effect at least as good as animal ingredients. These include the following natural products:

Olive Oil (Olea Europaea Fruit Oil).
Shea butter (Butyrospermum Parkii Butter)
Avocado oil (Persea Gratissima)
Cocoa Butter (Theobroma Cocoa Seed Butter)

Good to know: At Peppery Spot in the assortment you will find natural cosmetics with ingredients from controlled organic cultivation as well as formulas without microplastics.

What are the advantages of vegan shampoo without silicones?
Many hair products contain silicones, as these active ingredients make the hair softer and shinier. They are synthetic polymers that wrap around the hair like a smoothing protective layer, thereby sealing it. However, the controversial ingredients are also suspected of damaging the hair. By sealing the surface, silicones prevent conditioning agents from penetrating the hair’s interior. They also weigh down and deprive your hairstyle of the desired volume. Last but not least, the substances pollute the environment, as they are not biodegradable.
For fine hair, it is recommended to prefer vegan shampoos without silicones. If you want to give dull hair more shine, it is better not to use the silicone-containing products too often. Wash your mop of hair regularly with a cleansing shampoo that thoroughly removes all substances.

Animal-free hair care – are these products always vegan?
Today, no one needs to support animal testing: In Europe, there is a ban on the sale of finished cosmetic products as well as cosmetic ingredients if they have been tested on animals. Nevertheless, there are always doubts among consumers. The seals of approval for vegan products prohibit animal testing and thus provide certainty when shopping. However, shampoos that are not tested on animals are not vegan in every case, as they may contain substances of animal origin.

More sustainability: plastic-free packaging and solid shampoo
Solid shampoo is particularly economical and comes without a plastic bottle. The natural cosmetics are therefore not only good for the hair, but also more environmentally friendly. The plastic-free packaging helps to avoid unnecessary waste and consists largely of recycled material – because more sustainable is simply better.
As you can see, doing without animal-based care ingredients is not inevitably at the expense of your hairstyle: vegan shampoos from brands like Guhl, Helia-D, Syoss and Nature Box offer beauty without regret. Find a shampoo that is both plant-based and meets the needs of your hairstyle at Peppery Spot online store.

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