Make your hair shine with Syoss Oleo Intense hair care

With Syoss, it’s YOUR moment to shine: Try the new Syoss Oleo Intense hair care range, the perfect partner for shiny, healthy-looking hair. Shampoo, conditioner, intensive conditioner and an innovative oil-to-cream rinse treatment with an oil-based formula give your hair shine and smoothness without weighing it down or leaving it feeling greasy. Syoss Oleo Intense will make you shine.

When it comes to luxurious shine and healthy-looking hair, oils are the way to go.

Get luxurious shine with Syoss: with the all-new hair care range, Syoss Oleo Intense brings you oil-infused products with professional performance.

Syoss Oleo Intense range is your trusted companion for shiny hair, thanks to powerful formulas with an elixir of Japanese oils to nourish your hair from within.

For a dazzling, long-lasting color experience and deeply nourishing care for shiny, healthy-looking hair.

Discover the power of oil

Syoss Oleo Intense range includes a blend of Japanese oils. These lightweight yet deeply nourishing oils give your hair deep care – for smooth, luxuriously shiny hair and your personal WOW moments. Let’s take a closer look at this magical elixir:

  • Oil extracted from the seeds of the beautiful Tsubaki flower, said to be the beauty secret of geishas: Tsubaki seeds are rich in omega-9 fatty acids and create soft hair while preventing moisture loss
  • Sakura oil provides extra silkiness by coating the hair with a protective layer while nourishing the hair from the inside out
  • Shiso oil has its heritage in Asia, and in addition to its nourishing effect on hair, it is also rich in antioxidants that help prevent hair damage
  • Tamanu oil is a unique hair care ingredient that is known to add weightless hydration and add shine to hair by reflecting light

Together, these four oils will give your hair the nourishment it needs, leaving it full, luxuriously shiny and velvety soft.

Extend shine to your entire hair care routine with Syoss Oleo Intense

With the new Syoss Oleo Intense hair care range, your hair will shine just like you do: a carefully crafted formula that instantly penetrates your hair, helping dry and dull hair transform into luxurious curls and instantly restoring shine and smoothness. Thanks to a unique blend of lightweight Japanese oils, nothing weighs your hair down and no residue is left behind, making it the perfect hair care routine for anyone looking to add luxurious shine to their hair.

Syoss Oleo Intense – Shampoo, conditioner, intensive conditioner

Brighten up your hair care routine and enjoy silky smooth and shiny hair with Syoss Oleo Intense hair care essentials. Like Oil-to-Cream care, Shampoo, Conditioner and Intensive Conditioner are enriched with a blend of Syoss Oleo Intense Japanese oils to give hair extra care without weighing it down.

Depending on your hair’s needs, the range offers different intensities of care: the Shampoo and Conditioner – silicone-free, designed for dry and dull hair – are perfect for everyday use. The intensive conditioner is the best choice for days when your hair needs extra care. Enjoy smooth, fresh and shiny hair and the feeling of light, non-greasy hair with Syoss Oleo Intense.


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