Solid shampoo – five reasons to switch

Are you curious but haven’t dared to switch to solid shampoo yet? Then read our five reasons why you should not wait any longer.
For many women, their own hair is a sensitive subject: Only their favorite hairdresser is allowed to cut it, and once we’ve found a suitable hair care brand, we remain loyal to it. But in this way we miss the opportunity to discover new products and trends for ourselves. Solid shampoo, for example, has what it takes to become a real beauty star in our bathroom. Why is that? Read here our five reasons why switching to solid shampoo is worthwhile.

1. Solid shampoo is plastic-free

Count the number of plastic bottles you have in your bathroom. They are usually not very attractive and take up a lot of space. Solid shampoo is usually packed in a cardboard box and thus saves plastic waste. In addition, cardboard can be folded flat and generates less waste volume. And that’s not all: With solid shampoo, the inner values are also right. For example, many brands eliminate microplastics for their solid shampoo. In addition, these products are often more easily biodegradable and produced in a CO₂-neutral way.

2. Solid shampoo contains only the most important ingredients

Not only microplastics and polymers, but also silicones and parabens are not included in most solid shampoos. Silicones wrap around the hair and make it look supple – however, they seal the hair structure so that no nourishing substances reach the inside of the hair and dry it out in the long run. Parabens are often used as preservatives in liquid shampoos. Solid shampoos, on the other hand, have a good shelf life, provided they are allowed to dry after use.

3. Solid shampoo is gentle to the scalp

Many solid shampoos cleanse hair and scalp with soap-free surfactants that are especially gentle on the scalp. Therefore, for itchy scalp and dry hair, solid shampoo is a good alternative to liquid shampoo. Many solid shampoos are syndets and thus optimally matched to the natural pH of the scalp and hair.
Tip: When choosing a solid shampoo, make sure that it cleanses mildly and moisturizes hair and scalp enough.

4. Solid shampoo is very economical

Liquid shampoo is basically a concentrate that has been stretched with a lot of water. Solid shampoo, on the other hand, combines all the cleansing and conditioning essences in one compact piece. Products thus contain up to 70 percent less water than liquid products. That’s why they are also lighter and smaller and cause less CO₂ during transport. Some are also climate-neutralized.

In addition, solid shampoo is much easier to dispense. Because of its yield and targeted application, you’re not tempted to use too much – unlike with the shampoo bottle. And that’s good in two respects – because waste not only pollutes the environment, but also our wallets.

5. Solid shampoo is convenient for on the go

Who hasn’t had liquid shampoo spill out of their cosmetics bag? With solid shampoos, that can’t happen – they’re even allowed in carry-on luggage. Simply pack them in a suitable can or sachet and off you go. Foamie’s solid shampoos also have a practical loop that makes it easy to hang them up to dry anywhere.

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