Schwarzkopf Re-Nature Re-Pigmentation dark anti-gray dye-free hair color restorer

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145 mL / 4.9 US fl oz

Formulated to restore dark brown to black hair.

Re-Nature re-pigmentation cream for women restores the natural tone of grey hair step by step. Discover Re-Nature’s unique re-pigmentation technology. Step by step, get back your natural tone without colouring. The after-treatment provides optimum care and visibly flexible hair. You can gradually adjust the final colour result and decide after each application whether you are satisfied with the result. If you are satisfied, stop after the application. If you want fewer grey hairs, repeat the application. Hair loses its natural pigmentation over the years. After Re-Nature application, the hair texture is gently replenished step by step with pigments similar to natural ones. After approximately 3 applications, the hair is completely re-pigmented and regains its natural tone. Re-Nature is available in medium and dark colours for women. Re-Nature Medium is suitable for natural hair colours from medium blonde to medium brown. For medium blonde to dark blonde hair, at least 50% of the hair should be grey. Re-Nature dark is suitable for natural hair colours from dark brown to black. Easy to use: apply the ready-to-use re-pigmentation cream to dry hair, leave to act, rinse and wash – that’s it! Decide for yourself: hide your grey hair or completely restore your natural tone. The frequency of application and the exposure time allow you to control the result.

As early as your mid-20s, melanin production in hair cells can start to decrease and the first pigment-free – or grey – hair can become visible. However, many women are uncomfortable with grey hair and long to return to their natural tone. Schwarzkopf has developed a cream that easily replenishes the missing colour pigments in the hair to do just that. With Re-Nature, you can easily regain your natural tone – and feel younger again.

Step 1: Preparation:

Read the user manual and safety instructions carefully before use. Before use, put on gloves and protect your clothes with an old towel. Put on a watch that allows you to control the exposure time. Remove the cap of the tube and open the seal. Now your Schwarzkopf Re-Nature is ready to use.

STEPS 2 and 3: Use and exposure time:

Apply the Re-Nature Pigmentation Cream to dry, un-pre-washed hair and distribute the cream evenly. Please note the application quantities. To avoid stains, please remove cream residues completely from the skin.

First application:

– Apply the cream to achieve the desired tone

– To achieve the desired shade, apply the desired colour to the entire hair, evenly graying all hair strands.

– Apply to the entire hair to achieve the desired effect.

From medium to dark blonde: RE-NATURE MEDIUM exposure time 5-10 minutes.

From light to medium brown: RE-NATURE MEDIUM exposure time 10-15 minutes.

From dark brown to black: RE-NATURE Dark exposure time 15-20 minutes.

Step 4: Rinse

After exposure time, rinse hair thoroughly with lukewarm water.


For women: Apply Schwarzkopf Re-Nature conditioning after-treatment to towel-dried hair. Leave on for 2 minutes. soak in. Rinse thoroughly. It is recommended to use one aftercare sachet per tube of Re-Nature Re-Pigmentation Cream. Use hair styling products as usual (e.g. 3 weathering conditioners). For men: wash hair thoroughly with Renature shampoo containing taurine. We recommend using one shampoo sachet per tube of re-pigmentation cream. Use hair styling products (e.g. Taft) as usual.





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