Schwarzkopf Hair Color

Whether it’s black, brown, dark red or even blue, anything goes when it comes to hair color. With your hair color you express your personality or change your entire look. If you want to rediscover your hair, Schwarzkopf hair colors are just right for you. We show you which colors and types of coloring are available from Schwarzkopf and give tips on the right hair color for your complexion.

Schwarzkopf hair colors: tinting or coloring

If you decide to give your hair a new color or a color refreshment, you have different options for coloring. Depending on how long you want the color to last in your hair, you can choose a tint or a coloration. This is how long the color lasts with the different products:

  • Coloration: up to 10 weeks
  • Intensive tint: 6 to 8 weeks
  • Tint: 6 to 8 hair washes

Innovations from Schwarzkopf Color

Schwarzkopf Hair Colors: Tones and Shades

From Schwarzkopf you can find a wide range of shades with different tones. The classic among Schwarzkopf hair colors is brown, more precisely chocolate brown, because it suits almost every skin type. Find out which color suits your skin tone.

  • Auburn, medium brown, light brown and golden brown: light skin tones with yellow undertones.
  • Ash brown and red tones: light and cool skin tone
  • Copper and strawberry blonde: light skin tone with peach undertones
  • Black and very dark brown: warm, dark skin tone or soft rosy complexion
  • Blonde: the lighter the skin tone, the lighter the blonde shade should be

Lightening the hair is ideal for changing your own type. Depending on how many shades lighter you want it to be, buy different products from the Blonde line of Schwarzkopf hair colors for blonde hair:

  • Palette Intensive for light natural blonde, ash blonde or silver blonde.
  • Palette Deluxe for nourishing blonde tones
  • Gliss Color for beige blonde or to lighten the natural hair color before another color application

With red hair you make a statement. It doesn’t matter whether it’s an autumnal orange red, a mahogany shade or a bright intense red. The more the red tone goes hand in hand with another color, such as black or brown, the longer lasting the color freshness of the coloration. The Schwarzkopf hair color products for red are:

  • Brillance for brilliant reds with a mahogany or black cast or intense red and ruby red.
  • Diadem for a natural red with warm autumn undertones
  • Country Colors with earthy and warm red tones

Black hair looks mysterious and also a bit rocky. Whether with a blue shimmer or red undertone – the Schwarzkopf hair color black shines in silky color splendor. Black is ideal for a special type change. However, it is best to test this hair color with a tint. Schwarzkopf hair colors in black are particularly popular against gray hair.

  • Brillance for seductive and long-lasting black tones with shimmers of brown, blue or red.
  • Perfect Mousse for chocolate brown-black hair looks
  • Men Perfect for men who want to preserve their black hair and cover gray

Glossy colored: Schwarzkopf hair colors

Whether you choose red Schwarzkopf hair color or brown, whether a tint or a coloration: With Schwarzkopf hair colors you get full color intensity and silky shine for your hair. This is what the different coloring products offer you:

  • Intensive color results with high-quality colorations in many popular shades from red, brown, black to blonde.
  • Temporary tints and intensive tints for short-term color highlights
  • Effective gray coverage for all hair colors
  • Special products for gray coverage for men

Questions about Schwarzkopf hair colors

Around the application and effect of the hair colors of Schwarzkopf some questions arise, which we would like to answer here.

Almost all Schwarzkopf hair colors are suitable for the treatment of the roots. To do this, simply follow the steps on the instructions. As a rule, you begin with the roots anyway, because the hair needs the longest time to absorb the color.

Schwarzkopf hair colors cover gray hair. Depending on the hair color, different colors are advisable. The darker the hair, the more color pigments should be used. Thus, gray hair or highlights in dark brown or black hair are best covered with an intensive tint or coloration.

Medium blonde and light brown hair already benefits from repigmented hair dyes in covering gray. Blonde hair hides gray best. Here you work with a tint.

Schwarzkopf hair colors do not harm the hair when properly cared for. You should test the skin compatibility on a small area behind the ear before coloring. Schwarzkopf uses only high-quality ingredients for your hair. Dyeing nevertheless stresses the hair structure. Therefore, cold-pressed oils are added to the dyes to care for the hair during coloring. In addition, special hair care is advisable for colored hair.


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