Pom Pom Eye Gel firming for dark circles, tired & puffy eyes, 30 mL

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30 mL / 1 US fl oz



Pom Pom Firming eye contour gel not only refines crow’s feet and wrinkles around the eyes, but also hydrates and tightens the skin, reducing bags and puffiness under the eyes. Thanks to its light absorption, it leaves no sticky feeling and is extremely gentle on the skin, making it an ideal choice for those who wear glasses or contact lenses, or have sensitive skin.

Smoothes the delicate skin around the eyes and smoothes wrinkles.
Minimizes under-eye puffiness.
Helps fade dark circles under the eyes.
Instantly absorbed, gel texture, perfect make-up base.
Gentle, fragrance- and colorant-free formula.
Also recommended for spectacle wearers and contact lens wearers.

Why Choose?
Goodbye under-eye puffiness!
Our eye contour firming gel targets tired, circular or puffy eye contours. With regular use, it firmly yet gently refines under-eye wrinkles and crow’s feet. Its hydrating hyaluronic acid content reduces under-eye bags and puffiness, while its natural skin-protecting ingredient helps to protect the skin’s protective layer.

With Persian silk acacia extract
The main active ingredient is Persian Silk Acacia extract, which prevents sugar molecules from binding to the skin’s support fibers, thus promoting anti-aging. In clinical trials, the active ingredient was particularly effective in reducing sagging of the upper eyelids, the depth of wrinkles, the intensity of dark circles and puffiness.

Light texture, fragrance-free
Absorbs quickly thanks to its lightweight formula. Does not leave a sticky, greasy feel on the skin, making it an excellent morning make-up base.

Who is it for?
The best choice if you have tired, dark circles or puffy eyes and are looking for a lightweight eye contour cream that absorbs quickly and applies make-up immediately. If you wear glasses, eye contour care is a must, but you can also use our Eye Contour Firming Gel while wearing contact lenses.

How to Use
In the morning, cleanse your face thoroughly with a gentle cleanser. Squeeze some of our Eye Contour Firming Gel onto your fingertips, then apply to the under-eye area up to the apple crease, the upper eyelid and between the eyebrows. Wait until it’s fully absorbed, then layer on the rest of the face product.



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