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Pick Original Hungarian Wintersalami 400g 14.1 oz

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Pick Original Hungarian Wintersalami 400g 14.1 oz

The PICK Winter Salami is a smoked and dry cured salami made from excellent, premium quality, natural ingredients with classic seasoning. The up-to-date production technology creates a perfect, unbeatable combination for decades with the traditional, beech wood smoking and long aging process. The harmonious flavour of the product is mainly helped by the mould coating, which is protected by the cellophane packaging of the salami.


Energy: 2112 KJ/510 kcal

Total Fat: 46 g
 - Saturated Fat: 19 g

Carbohydrates: <0.5 g
 - Sugars: <0.5 g

Protein: 24 g

Sodium: 4.1 g

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