Olivia Cream Deodorant unscented aluminium-free, 50 mL

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50 mL / 1.69 US fl oz

Protect your health with Olivia Natural cream deodorants! A unique and health-protecting range from Olivia Natural: our 100% chemical-free cream deodorants provide natural protection 12 hours a day. This cream deodorant contains no aluminium, no parabens and no other chemicals, just all-natural ingredients including baking soda, shea butter and essential oils: supporting our body’s natural detoxification processes while moisturizing the delicate skin under the arms, and baking soda and starch are responsible for water retention, anti-odor and ultimately deodorizing. It won’t clog pores or absorb toxic chemicals, so it’s safe for your health. As it contains no essential oils, it’s safe to use for those sensitive to them, and it’s also highly recommended for mums whose babies are sensitive to scents while breastfeeding.

Use: Using the spatula inside the jar, take a small pea-sized piece and warm it up in your hand, then apply to your underarms. Don’t use too much, as the baking soda takes some getting used to on the skin and too much baking soda can pinch your underarms. If applying by hand, spread the deodorant thoroughly over all areas for at least 10-15 seconds.

Then get dressed after 1-2 minutes, so our baking soda-based deodorant doesn’t leave any marks on your clothes. Do not use directly after shaving! There is no need to use more than once a day unless you have bathed and washed it off. One use is normally enough!

Proper use is very important both for the desired effectiveness and to prevent possible skin irritations!

Our cream deodorants do not inhibit the natural process of perspiration, but prevent the development of unpleasant body odors. With this deodorant you can help toxins to leave your body naturally.

Important! If you do break out despite careful use, pause use, moisturize your skin in the sensitive area with one of our shea butter-based balms and let it air out as much as possible to allow the skin to regenerate as quickly as possible. The reason for the irritation is that baking soda has an alkalizing effect, with a pH of 8.3, which is very different from the skin’s natural pH, so if your sweat is too acidic, it can react chemically with the baking soda, causing redness and irritation on the sensitive skin of the underarms.

Once your skin has healed, after a break, give your cream deodorant another chance, just fine-tune the amount you use. It is also possible that several bicarbonate of soda granules may have clumped up at the bottom of the jar, so it is a good idea to stir the contents of the jar with a spatula from time to time. In summer, put it in the window or in a warmer place to make it creamier and more mixable!

Guaranteed free from parabens, aluminium, zinc salts and all chemical compounds, this deodorant is made from 100% natural ingredients.

Protects against unpleasant body odors for 12 hours.

Store at room temperature, protect from direct sunlight and heat, as it melts easily!




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