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Nivea Cellular Anti-age Padding Day Cream 50ml 1.69 fl oz

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Nivea Cellular Anti-age Padding Day Cream 50ml 1.69 fl oz

The intensive care formula gives the skin volume and tightens the facial contours: CELLULAR ANTI-AGE Padding day cream.

With age, the facial skin loses its natural supply of collagen: the skin does not look as tight and firm as before. Specially designed to give your skin volume: NIVEA CELLULAR ANTI-AGE PADDING DAY CREAM for more volume, tighter and younger looking skin. The intensive care formula with collagen booster stimulates the high-calorie collagen production. * The hyaluronic acid-enriched formula improves the skin's ability to bind moisture and stimulates cell renewal. SPF 15 and UVA & UVB filters protect against premature light-induced skin aging, cell damage and pigment spots. * On skin cells: CELLULAR ANTI-AGE Padding day cream.

Gives the skin volume and cushions it from the inside out
Tightens the facial contours
Reduces wrinkles visibly and protects against premature light-induced aging
Provides the skin with intensive moisture and leaves a delicate skin feeling

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