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Lirene Anti-Cellulite Mesotherapy 200ml 6.76 fl oz

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Lirene Anti-Cellulite Mesotherapy 200ml 6.76 fl oz

An absolute breakthrough in the fight against cellulite!

The breakthrough ingredient Cellu Out has been created in response to recent research on adipocytes – cells located in the skin that store fat. These are:
white adipocytes – which are the main storage of fat in our body and
beige adipocytes – that can take 2 forms: active – accelerating fat burning, and inactive – storing fat.

The revolutionary action of Cellu Out is to convert inactive white adipocytes into active, fat burning beige adipocytes.
Body Shape Remodeller improves microcirculation in the skin, thereby reducing cellulite. Thanks to the emollient – Shea butter rich in vitamins E and F – it also has conditioning properties, optimally moisturizing and nourishing the skin.

The first effects of cellulite reduction are visible after just 1 week of use!

Directions for use: apply daily in the morning and at bedtime. Rub the product into the body, focusing on the areas with excess fatty deposits.

Confirmed effectiveness*:
Cellulite visibility reduction: 84%
Body shape modelling: 76%
Skin unevenness reduction: 96%
Smoothing: 100%
Firming: 96%

*after 4 weeks of product use, in vivo test on 25 subjects.