A simple stir-fry with crunchy vegetables, a colorful salad, bread with cheese or a sophisticated dinner for two: What’s on your table tonight? Get inspiration for a balanced dinner now – and enjoy it!

Healthy dinner: quick and still nutritious

Protein, healthy fatty acids and complex carbohydrates – a healthy dinner contains all the essential nutrients that are important for good health. When putting together the evening meal, however, there are some special tips to keep in mind. Because at night during sleep, the human body goes through various regeneration processes for which energy is necessary. For this purpose, the organism primarily uses the carbohydrates that we consume in our food. However, if you consume too many of them, the body partially converts them into fat deposits.

Therefore, nutrition experts advise to serve mainly protein-rich food in the evening. High-quality protein sources such as legumes, soy-based products, and fish provide important energy for regeneration – on top of that, the good protein sources have a positive effect on our feeling of satiety. For this reason, protein-rich foods also enjoy a reputation as comparatively quick and long-lasting fillers. However, this recommendation does not mean that you should completely ban carbohydrates from your diet: It rather depends on what kind of carbohydrates you consume and in what quantity. Prefer complex carbohydrates that contain fiber, such as those found in whole-grain products and potatoes, fruit and beans.

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Simple healthy dinner: Tips and recommendations

In addition, there are still valuable tips for a healthy dinner:

Choose foods that are as natural as possible. Fresh, seasonal produce usually provides more good nutrients than convenience foods and is more sustainable.
A healthy dinner ideally consists of plenty of plant-based foods. In return, fewer animal products are put on the plate.
You should use carbohydrate-rich foods sparingly, especially if you want to lose weight. Remember, however, that the total amount of energy in a day is decisive. Avoiding carbohydrates in the evening does not mean that you should eat more calories than necessary at breakfast.
A healthy dinner can be both hot and cold. The temperature of the food you eat is of little importance to your health. However, there are some foods that are less digestible when raw. If you only eat something on the run at lunchtime, you can make up for the main hot meal in the evening – but you don’t have to.

Healthy dinner: Vegetarian feast

According to current scientific findings, a balanced diet is also possible as a vegetarian if you combine vegetable protein sources with animal products such as milk and eggs. You should also make sure that you cover your requirements for iron, vitamin B12, calcium, zinc, vitamin D, riboflavin and iodine in sufficient quantities. These vital substances are less abundant in plant foods. Vegetable food enjoys a good reputation because it can have a beneficial effect on health. Vegetarians often compensate for not eating sausage and meat products by eating more whole foods such as legumes and vegetables – this usually means they consume less cholesterol and saturated fatty acids.

Therefore, it can make sense to eat vegetarian food at least a few days a week in the evening – if it tastes good and is good for you. Nevertheless, keep in mind the general principles of nutrition: A frozen pizza with vegetables is not automatically healthier just because it contains purely vegetarian ingredients.

Healthy dinner for children

A wholesome dinner is also part of healthy eating for children – because after an adventurous day, the offspring is often really hungry. To make sure the kids enjoy it, you’ll find a selection of simple, delicious recipes for families here.

We’ve also put together a few tips for you on how to get your kids excited about vegetables and the like:

  • As a parent, you are the most important role model for your children, also when it comes to eating habits. Therefore, set an example of healthy eating habits. Sitting together at the dinner table is a cherished ritual for many families and can have a positive effect on your children’s nutritional skills.
  • Ideally, you should introduce your children to healthy foods from an early age. For example, those who grow up eating whole-grain bread and home-cooked meals often still like them as adults.
  • Always offer your child calorie-free or low-calorie drinks with meals and in between meals. Mineral water and unsweetened tea are ideal, sometimes it may be a diluted juice spritzer.
  • Tried and tested – we have put together a number of dishes for families with children that are easy to cook.

Note: Although spicy substances have various beneficial effects, they do not replace medical treatment. If you suffer from flu or any other illness, consult your doctor. Some spices may interact with medications. A spicy meal – if the food is good for you and tastes good – can support the healing process of some diseases.


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