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Toothpaste, as you like it

Buying toothpaste is not a simple matter. What should you choose based on? Many people solve the dilemma by sticking to a tried and tested type. Others prefer variety, so they always try something new.

The basic function of toothpastes is to clean and protect teeth, prevent tooth decay and cover bad breath. But many products from different brands offer different tastes, flavours, refreshing effects, foaming, consistency and coloring. Taste is the most important factor in this respect.

Toothpastes for specific needs

As technology advances, toothpastes are becoming more and more sophisticated and, in addition to providing basic functions, they also meet specific needs. Some toothpastes have additional properties such as cleaning, protection and covering bad breath.

The wide range includes antibacterial, antimicrobial toothpastes, toothpastes that protect against tartar, toothpastes with whitening properties, toothpastes that protect against bleeding gums, toothpastes that protect tooth enamel and toothpastes recommended for sensitive teeth.
Customers looking for natural, organic products will also find toothpastes that fit their lifestyle, as several of these products are available at the Peppery Spot Online Store. They can also choose from natural, organic products with herbs and organic ingredients. Moreover, the toothpastes also include products that can be used alongside homeopathic treatment.

Smokers also have a choice to suit their needs – specially formulated toothpastes can remove stains caused by smoking.

The wide range of toothpastes also includes many products containing special extracts and ingredients with unique effects. Choose from toothpastes made with aloe vera, diatomaceous earth, Icelandic lichen, baking soda, arctic lichen, bamboo microparticles, horse chestnut, lemon peel, Indian neem, pomegranate, chamomile, myrtle, sage and mint extracts.

A wide range of toothpastes at the Peppery Spot Online Store

Browse the range of toothpastes available at Peppery Spot Online Store and find the toothpaste that best suits your taste and needs. With a wide range of toothpastes from many brands, you are sure to find the one that best suits your needs.


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