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Everything you need for eroticism and protection

Indulge in sensuality and experience sexual intercourse with the products of the Peppery Spot Online Store! We have everything you need to make your intimate moments complete: condoms in different brands and sizes, lubricants in different flavours, vibrators and vibrating rings. Instead of queuing in shops, choose a much simpler and more discreet way to shop – order our products from home with just a few clicks!

Condoms: the foundation of safe sex

Condoms are essential for responsible sex, not only to avoid unwanted pregnancy but also to avoid sexually transmitted infections. At the Peppery Spot Online Store, you can choose from a variety of thicknesses, sizes and designs, from ribbed to traditional condoms, and if you’re a naturalist, you can choose a vegan option, so you’re sure to find the best product for your needs and expectations!

Lubricants for those slippery moments

With a range of brands and flavours of lubricants available in the Peppery Spot Online Store, you can make your sex life truly enjoyable. You can also find stimulating gels to increase the intensity of your orgasm, and products made from natural ingredients to prevent irritation. Feel free to choose from our range of products, as our lubricants can be used with any condom!

Shake up your sex life with our sexual toys!

Do you feel your sex life is boring or you just want something new? Then choose from a selection of sex toys from the Peppery Spot Online Store! We offer vibrators in different sizes and designs, as well as vibrating rings, so you’re sure to find the product that best suits your needs and desires!


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