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What is a face mask good for?

We treat our skin to this time-out: face masks soothe, clarify and make us glow! The great thing about these skin care treasures? The variety is great: Whether sheet masks, lip masks, eye masks, healing earth masks, peel off masks or a so-called black mask with activated charcoal – there is a match for every application preference and every skin type. This is great, of course, because it means our skin gets exactly what we want and what it needs. In addition, it does not get boring with the masks.

Which mask is the best against pimples?

The healing clay mask! It is used for blemished skin – acne, blackheads and pimples. To develop its effect, the powder is mixed with water to form a paste and applied to the face. It is most effective when it is allowed to dry in and then rubbed off – this creates an additional exfoliating effect. If you have sensitive skin, the gentler way should be chosen. The mask can then be rinsed off with lukewarm water or wiped off with a damp, soft cloth. Please be careful not to apply masks every day, as this is more likely to damage the skin. People with couperosis, i.e. dilated veins on the nose or cheeks, should better refrain from doing so.

How is a healing clay mask made?

There are various products available for application: ready-made pastes to be applied directly to the cleansed face, and the classic powders that are first mixed with water to form a spreadable mass. No matter which variant you prefer: simply apply about a finger’s thickness to the desired skin area and let it take effect.

How does the healing clay face mask work?

Its positive effect unfolds when it dries: like a blotting paper, the healing clay draws pollutants, bacteria and excess skin oil out of the pores and cells. If you like, you can rub off the dry mask with circular movements and get a peeling at the same time. Otherwise, simply rinse off after a few minutes with plenty of warm water. The result is a beautifully perfused, clean skin and a clear complexion with refined pores.

Application tip

People with extremely dry skin sometimes feel a slight feeling of tension when using the masks they have mixed themselves. A simple trick helps against this: stir the powder into natural yogurt instead of water! The natural oil-in-water emulsion nourishes the skin threefold: the light fat content nourishes the skin, the lactic acid bacteria gently dissolve dead cells and support the skin’s natural acid mantle.

These face masks are available at Peppery Spot:

Activated charcoal mask
Facial masks with activated charcoal are also called black masks. They are – like healing clay masks – responsible for pimples, blackheads and impurities. The black face masks clean the clogged pores, remove dirt as well as sebum and mattify the skin. The ingredients help fight skin-polluting bacteria and prevent impurities at the same time. You can choose whether you prefer a sheet mask or a creamy mask with activated charcoal. Also great for blemished skin: a peel-off mask that you can peel off later.

Sheet mask
Pure moisturizing power: once applied, the fleece wipes soaked in highly concentrated active ingredients bring an extra portion of moisture to the face in no time at all. Super practical, precisely because it’s easy and the skin feels fresher immediately: the fleece of such a sheet mask is soaked with a serum that slips into every pore. Sheet masks are now also available for individual parts of the face: why not try out a lip mask or eye mask?

Tip for use: If you store the sheet mask in the refrigerator, you get an extra freshness kick. It is important to clean the face before use and toning in advance can not hurt. Moisturize the face also bring their ingredients such as avocado, honey, aloe vera or shea butter.

Anti-aging masks
Making up for years of life or slight wrinkles on the face is like wishful thinking. But anti-aging masks are not to be underestimated and conjure up a refreshed, radiant complexion and firmer skin. Their helpers: the coenzyme Q10, collagen and hyaluronic acid. This type of face masks provide the skin with effective antioxidants and make signs of fatigue disappear. It also treats pigmentation spots, and wrinkles can be reduced.

All at once? Of course, that’s a good thing too! If we want to pamper different areas of our face with different masks, then it’s called multimasking. On the T-zone (i.e. forehead, nose and chin) a cleansing portion is allowed, which makes pimples and blackheads in a bad mood, the eye area is rather helped by anti-aging variants or moisturizers.

Trend masks
Trends from Korean cosmetics such as glitter face masks, those with metallic shimmer, animal motifs or lace naturally do not stop at the European beauty market.

Make face masks yourself

We have already presented the healing clay mask as a kind of DIY mask. Now, of course, there’s also food that you can turn into the care application. Our favorite in terms of mask: Honey. The sweetener is said to have a cleansing and disinfecting effect. It also pampers your skin and binds moisture. That’s why honey is often used in face masks. We present you here more recipes to make your own face mask.


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