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Elmex Enamel Professional Mouthwash 400ml 13.5 fl oz


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Erosion is the dissolution of dental hard tissue due to chronic exposure to acids not produced within the oral cavity. They can originate from within the body (gastric acid) or from outside the body (e.g. foods, drinks). In contrast to caries the dissolution of dental hard tissues by acids starts on the surface, no intact surface layer is remaining which can be remineralised – the loss of hard tissue after chronic acid attack is therefore irreversible.

elmex® ENAMEL PROFESSIONAL dental rinse is a product for people at risk for erosion. Regular application leads to the formation of a stannous-rich layer on the tooth surfaces. During the course of erosive attacks, insoluble stannous-compounds incorporate into the outermost tooth layers.

In this way elmex® ENAMEL PROFESSIONAL dental rinse strengthens the dental enamel, making teeth more resistant to future erosive attacks. In consequence, it effectively protects from erosive dental hard tissue loss.

Rinsing once daily with 10 ml elmex® ENAMEL PROFESSIONAL dental rinse or 30 seconds. Suitable for adults and for children above the age of 12 years.

Active ingredients:

Stannous chloride

Amine fluoride

Sodium fluoride

Stannous content:

800 ppm Sn2+ from SnCl2

Fluoride content:

500 ppm F- (125 ppm F- from amine fluoride,

375 ppm F- from sodium fluoride)


Ready-to-use dental rinse

No alcohol

For long-term use

pH 4.5


Protects effectively from erosive dental tissue loss



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