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Since time immemorial, tea drinking has been credited with a variety of benefits, from stress relief to boosting the immune system. And here at Peppery Spot Online Store, we offer a wide selection of delicious teas to complement a balanced diet and make wellness a part of your everyday life. Let’s raise a cup to wellbeing.

Black tea is a classic breakfast drink for a reason – the blend awakens the senses and makes you feel alert and fit as soon as you get up. We recommend serving it with a splash of milk to really ignite its powerful flavors. The full flavor and tantalizing aroma will get you off to a powerful and robust start to the day, ready for any weather.

Green Tea

Fresh, clean, and full of positivity. Green tea can help you make the most of everyday life. It is the signature tea of China and Japan, where its invigorating flavors have provided tea lovers with moments of refreshment for nearly 5,000 years.

Camomile Tea

More soothing than a long, hot bath is a cup of chamomile tea, perfect if you feel restlessness creeping in during the workday. These days chamomile is popping up in everything from cosmetics and aromatherapy to drinks and baked goods, but its perceived calming properties have been popular for hundreds of years!

Matcha Green Tea

According to legend, Buddhist monks used matcha to help them concentrate better during hours of meditation and to be awake and present in the moment. Today’s matcha leaf comes from shade-grown green teas, whose chlorophyll-rich leaves are finely ground into a bright green powder prized for its abilities.


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