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Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream 100g 3.5 oz

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Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream 100g 3.5 oz

Feel good, baby!

Nourishing and hydrating treatment for dry and very dry skin.

Ceumed Baby Lipo Cream is designed for the care of dry and very dry, cracked skin, and soothing skin dryness caused by atopic dermatitis. Due to its high lipid content, it ensures rapid balancing of the skin’s lipid and water loss.

Active ingredients forming a microlayer on the surface of the skin rebuild the skin’s natural hydrolipid layer, thus re-establishing the skin’s barrier function and protecting the skin against dehydration. Clinical trials prove that the 20% glycerine content of Ceumed Baby significantly increases the water content of the skin, and the 50% lipid content significantly reduces the transepidermal water loss, which is evident as a skin moisturizer effect.

with 50% lipid and 20% glycerine content for rapid balancing of water loss in skin and hydration
with glycerine and almond oil
does not contain perfumes or colouring
clinically proven effectiveness


for dry, very dry, cracked skin and skin prone to atopic dermatitis
thinly spread on the affected skin, twice daily
more frequently if required, but maximum 6 times

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