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Brisk Bartöl - Beard Oil 50ml 1.7 fl oz

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115,66 kr
Brisk Bartöl - Beard Oil 50ml 1.7 fl oz

Mild scented beard grooming

The Brisk Beard oil is intended for the care of beards and the underlying facial skin. It absorbs quickly, leaves the beard softer and the skin free of grease. Made in Britain
Brisk is known in Germany for only one product: for the popular Brisk hair dressing, the only German hair dressing still being produced since 1951. Now come under the Brisk flag two new trendy products on the market: The "Brisk beard oil" and the "Brisk beard shampoo". Both are manufactured in the UK, where the Brisk beard oil is being presented in a Mr.Bear Familly look. In Germany the beard oil remains faithful to the usual design and the brown glass bottle decorated with a tattoed bearded man on a red Brisk label.
Although the Brisk beard oil aims as a commodity in drugstores on beard newbies, it also convinces experienced beard oil users. One must admit to the Brisk beard oil, that despite its supermarket and drugstore focus it abandons on commodity-typical ingredients such as silicones, PEGs or parabens.
So the Brisk Bart oil pleases with an unusually mild, woody fragrance and a mineral oil-free formula of six nourishing, essential oils, among others avocado, tea tree and cedar oil.


Apply a few drops of the Brisk beard oil on the palms, rub a bit and then spread evenly in the beard. Do not rinse. For best results apply regularly. Avoid eye contact. Rinse eye contact with clear water.
The Brisk beard oil is packed quite classically in a brown glass bottle, with the obligatory pipette and the usual black-red-white Brisk design, plus wrapped in a cardboard box.