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Brisk 2in1 Bartshampoo - Beard Shampoo 150ml 5.07 fl oz

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Brisk 2in1 Bartshampoo - Beard Shampoo 150ml 5.07 fl oz

Cleans beard and face with tea tree and cedar oil

White cream soap for beards of any length. Cleans and leaves the beard softer and fresher. With a dry-woody fragrance. Made in Britain
Brisk is known in Germany for only one product: for the popular Brisk hair dressing, the only German hair dressing still being produced since 1951. Now come under the Brisk flag two new trendy products on the market: The "Brisk Beard Oil" and the "2in1 Brisk Beard Shampoo". Both are manufactured in the UK, where the Brisk beard products are being presents in a look similar to the one of Mr.Bear Familly. In Germany the beard oil remains faithful to the usual design and the brown plastic bottle decorated with a tattoed bearded man on the red Brisk label.
Although the Brisk 2in1 Beard Shampoo, as already the Brisk Beard Oil aims as a commodity in drugstores on beard newbies, it wants to convince even experienced bearded men. The new Brisk Beard Shampoo - which is rather a beard soap - does not foam, contains natural-based surfactants and is enriched with glycerin, sunflower oil, tea tree oil and Atlantic cedar oil.
The formulation not only ensures a thorough removal of dirt and dust from the beard, but also allows a gentle cleansing of facial skin (hence the name 2in1, for beard and facial cleansing in one). The beard hair feels after cleaning really fresh and soft, however, the skin a bit dry. But this is not really a big deal.


Moisten slightly your beard - and if necessary the facial skin (without the eye area). Now take a hazelnut-sized portion of the Brisk 2in1 Beard Shampoo in your palms, rub it a little and massage into the hair a beard. Now rinse it with water, dry with a fresh towel and finally style with a beard brush in shape.
Can also be used for facial cleansing, especially with oily skin. Avoid contact with eyes. Should it come into the eye, rinse immediately thoroughly with clean water.

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