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Bravos Premium Arabica Ground Coffee 250g 8.8 oz

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Bravos Premium Arabica Ground Coffee 250g 8.8 oz

Bravos Premium is made solely from Arabica coffees originating from South and Central American plantations, roasted to a deep brown colour and grounded to the right size using the right processes. Two thirds of all the coffee produced in the World is Arabica.

The finest quality premium and dessert coffees are all made of Arabica coffee. It has a lower level of acids and less caffeine than other species. Following roasting one can discover the taste of caramel, chocolate or even nuts.

It retains the aromas for a longer period. It is suitable to prepare an espresso or a long black, a latte with lots of foamy milk, or even our favourite cappuccino. It may even be used to create a refreshing iced coffee with vanilla ice topped with whipped cream for a hot summer evening.

Robusta: coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png
Arabica: coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png
Caffeine: coffee-bean.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png
Aroma: coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png
Roast color:   coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean-empty.png