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Bravos Espresso Ground Coffee 250g 8.8 oz

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Bravos Espresso Ground Coffee 250g 8.8 oz

Selected coffee beans, different species, a blend of Arabica and Robusta coffees from plantations of Africa, Asia, South and Central America, with an Italian, deep brown roast, finely grounded to prepare the finest, creamy Bravos Espresso, a refreshment to enjoy every day.

Espresso originally in Italian means fast, urgent. Its characteristic tasty aroma is reached using the right, professional roasting that result in deep brown coffee beans with an oily shine. The blend contains a larger part of Robusta (60%) and a smaller part of Arabica (40%) coffee. The prepared drink has a strong, mellow taste, has high caffeine content thanks to Robusta.

Arabica gives it a taste rich in aromas, colourful taste. How does a real espresso taste? It is tasty, creamy, has a characteristic flavour and aroma, a dark colour, is sweet even without adding sugar and has the crema on the top, the creamy, reddish brown froth.

Bravos Espresso is a refreshment to enjoy every day, use it to prepare an espresso, drink it while its fresh, right after preparation, from a preheated cup, as if you leave it to settle, the drink loses a lot of its recreational value, its aroma.

Robusta: coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png
Arabica: coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png
Caffeine: coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean-empty.png coffee-bean-empty.png
Aroma: coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean-empty.png
Roast color:   coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean.png coffee-bean-empty.png