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Everyday pampering with body care and massage oils

There’s no question that our skin needs pampering too. After an eventful, tiring day, sometimes there’s nothing better than a nice hot bath to relieve tension in overstretched muscles, relax and improve elasticity. A hot bath also opens pores and removes toxins, leaving your skin smoother and softer. Another beneficial effect of steam is that it softens the skin and dilates the pores, making it easier for the various valuable nutritional oils to be absorbed.

Once you’ve got the perfect bubble bath, bath salts and lotions, you can top off your home spa experience with a pampering massage. At the Peppery Spot Online Store, you’ll find a wide range of soothing massage oils, body and skin care oils made from natural ingredients, muscle shaping gels and anti-wrinkle products to pamper your skin as well as nourish it.

Body oils for all skin types

Body oils with high quality, intensive ingredients regenerate and smooth the skin, preserve its moisture and soothe the senses. The fast-absorbing body oils in our range are extremely versatile, not only nourishing scars and stretch marks, but also leaving dry skin silky soft and firm.

Massage oils to relax muscles

Massage is becoming increasingly popular these days, mainly for its relaxing and energizing effects. Today, anyone can learn the basics and even practice it successfully at home. However, the quality of the massage oil used is not always the same. You should choose an oil that is easily absorbed and contains as many herbal extracts as possible. Although the use of massage oil mainly affects the skin, the right herbal extracts can also have a beneficial effect on joints, muscles and even internal organs.

The Peppery Spot Online Store also offers a range of massage oils with valuable skin care ingredients for dry and sensitive skin. The conditioning properties of these products will pamper and nourish your skin at the same time.


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