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Biorepair Whitening Toothpaste 75ml 2.53 fl oz

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Biorepair Whitening Toothpaste 75ml 2.53 fl oz

It repairs the enamel surface and restores the natural whiteness of teeth.
It restores the naturalwhiteness of teeth and protects them from plaque, tartar build-up, cavities andacid erosion.
prevents tooth decay
prevents plaque
removes and prevents tartar build-up
restores the natural whiteness of teeth
freshens breath
repairs enamel and dentin microscratches
IMPORTANT: children under six years of age can use Biorepair® without adult supervision due to the absence of Fluoride.

What makes Biorepair® Whitening different from other toothpastes
The unique Biorepair® Whitening toothpaste formula combines the properties of microRepair®, biomimetic particles that can repair enamel and dentin, and of the innovative patented PVP whitening polymer.

How microRepair® and the PVP Polymer works
The microRepair® microparticles remineralise the enamel, repair microscratches invisible to the naked eye; the PVP polymer simultaneously creates a thin filter that captures colouring substances before they deposit on the teeth, making them brighter day after day. The unique synergy of Biorepair® Whitening restores teeth to their healthy and natural white colour and protects them daily from external attacks.

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