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Béres Csepp Plusz Immune System Strengthener Family Pack

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Net Volume*:

4x 30 mL / 1 US fl oz each

*Does not include the weight of the product packaging and the packaging material (e.g. box) of your order.



Béres Csepp Plusz (Béres drop plus) Immune System Strengthener supports the body’s resistance, helps to recover from illnesses, after surgery, tiredness, in the event of weakness it promotes the restoration of well-being and strengthens the body. Can also be given for children who reach 10 kgs (22 lbs) of body weight.

Field of application: “Supplementary therapy for the improvement of the general condition”

“In 1 ml (18 drops) of the solution: iron 2.00 mg (as iron sulfate), zinc 1.14 mg (as zinc sulfate), magnesium 0.40 mg (as magnesium sulfate), manganese 0.31 mg as (manganese sulfate) , Copper 0.25 mg (as copper sulfate), molidan 0.19 mg (as ammonium molybdenumate), vanadium 0.12 mg (as ammonium metavanadate), nickel 0.11 mg (as nickel sulfate), boron 0.10 mg (as boric acid) , Fluorine 0.090 mg (as sodium fluoride), cobalt 0.025 mg (as cobalt chloride) Auxiliary substances: ascorbic acid, succinic acid, tartaric acid, potassium sodium tartrate, aaminoacetic acid (glycine), sodium edetate, glycerol, sulfuric acid, purified water.

Food supplements, no medicine!

Without lactose, without gluten.



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