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Belgian Creme Brulee Pralines Chocolate Dessert 100g

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Belgian Creme Brulee Pralines Chocolate Dessert 100g

Our team of Top-Chocolatiers filled a praline with the well-known French dessert “Crème Brûlée” which is made of  vanilla and caramelized sugar. Simply delicious.

A gift box of 200 grams contains 16 Crème Brûlée Pralines. To ensure you top quality products the box is sealed with gold foil at the inside to protect the chocolates from odours and light.

Belgium is known for its delicious chocolates. The unique combination of the finest ingredients, exclusive production methods and stringent quality controls makes Belgian chocolates a favorite worldwide.

Belgium has a long tradition in chocolate mastery which is strongly influenced by its colonial past. Belgian chocolate is worldwidely regarded as superior because of its well balanced taste and fine structure. This is achieved by specific ingredient mixes and production processes.

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