Think Pink!


Barbiecore: That’s why everyone wears pink now.

Ever since we saw the first pictures of the live-action movie, we’ve been totally in Barbie fever! Inspired by our favorite doll, we now try the good mood trend Barbiecore.

The perfect Barbiecore outfit

Dressing like Barbie? There’s no such thing as the one, right outfit. After all, Barbie already practiced over 200 professions. From astronaut to professional footballer to princess, everything was there. So the Barbiecore trend can also be worn in the office. The pink accents are particularly important. To be particularly true to the original, choose accessories in the color Pantone 2019 C, because that is the official Barbierosa.

How to make up Barbiecore Make up

Flawless complexion

For the typical healthy tan, mix three tanning drops daily into your day care, spread well on your face and also blend lightly down to your neck. Conjure up a flawless complexion with foundation, BB or CC cream. Apply pink blush on the cheeks and lightly on the bridge of the nose. Choose highlighter with pink highlights and use it to emphasize the cheekbones and brow bones.

barbiecore make up

Expressive eyes

Primer ensures that eye makeup lasts all day and does not settle unsightly in the crease of the eyelid. Distribute strong pink on the entire eyelid. Also define the lower lash line. Dab pink glitter eyeshadow onto the center of the eyelid. Warm the eyelash curler slightly with a hair dryer and then distribute volume and curl to the lashes. Apply good mascara to the lashes. Once the mascara has dried, apply false eyelashes. If you want a more subtle look, you can also glue on individual lashes on the outer edge of the eye. Tip: Emphasize the waterline with a white eye liner. This makes the eyes look bigger.

Lips all in pink

Start by outlining and defining the lips with a pink lip liner. Then color the lips as a base for the lipstick. Choose an intense fuchsia pink for the lipstick. For visually more volume, first apply the lighter gloss on the inside of the lips. Dab the darker gloss on the outside. Finally, gently rub the lips together and lightly blend the products.

Barbiecore Hairstyles

Pink hair from bright to pastel is all the trend right now. For the indecisive, there are also hair colors that wash out quickly.
For the voluminous Barbie ponytail, tie a ponytail high on the head. Part the hair between the hair tie and the head and pull the entire ponytail through from the bottom to the top. Pull a little on the hair tie until the ponytail sits properly and the look is finished.


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