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L'Oreal Paris Preference 6.45 Brooklyn Long-lasting Hair Color

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L'Oreal Paris Preference 6.45 Brooklyn Long-lasting Hair Color

Are you looking for fade resistant, high shine hair dye?

Préférence, an expert in fade-defying hair dye, now includes for the first time an additional Colour Extender. It revives the look of day 1 colour & shine for show-stopping gorgeous colour. The powerful direct dyes in the Colour Extender help keep your colour look more beautiful, for even longer.

Préférence’s colourants lock into the hair, ensuring a luminous and long-lasting colour which covers up to 100% of grey hair.

Long-lasting, high shine colour. Fight the fade!



These reds are for the fiery, the colour lovers. Our ultimate reds are perfect for those who want a strong, sophisticated look.

6.45 Brooklyn: A warm and elegant auburn with a touch of mahogany. Ultra-wearable for all skin tones. With a tailor-made Colour Extender with powerful coppery tones to revive its hot temperament.

Préférence: Patented anti-fade system

Préférence's patented anti-fade system locks colour into the hair, to ensure a luminous and long-lasting colour which perfectly covers your grey hair.

The high shine conditioner is enriched with Vitamin E and UV filters; the formula renews and prolongs your colour's first day shine. It keeps your colour shiny and luminous and your hair soft and silky for up to 6 weeks with regular conditioning.