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Ella's Kitchen Lovely Lamb Roast Dinner 190g 6.7 oz

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Ella's Kitchen Lovely Lamb Roast Dinner 190g 6.7 oz

Ella's kitchen lamb roast dinner is a textured baby food jam packed with simple organic ingredients to give your baby's new teeth a nutritious work out. This baby food is designed to introduce your baby to new tastes while providing them with a balanced diet full of all the goodness needed for healthy growth and development.

organic vegetable broth 36% (water, organic vegetables: carrots, parsnips, swedes, onions, leeks), organic potatoes 19%, organic carrots 17%, organic lamb 12%, organic red cabbage 10%, organic parsnip 3%, organic broccoli 1% organic corn flour 1%, organic mint <1%, organic pepper <0.1%