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Biorepair Intensive Night Toothpaste 75ml 2.53 fl oz

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Biorepair Intensive Night Toothpaste 75ml 2.53 fl oz

Continuous overnight action. Wake up refreshed for the day.
It repairs the surface of the enamel during the night forming a protective barrier that allows prolonged release against acids and bacteria. Wake up with fresher breath.
fights tooth decay
fights plaque
fights and prevents tartar build-up
protects the oral cavity to wake up to fresher breath
repairs enamel and dentin microscratches
IMPORTANT: children under six years of age can use Biorepair® without adult supervision due to the absence of Fluoride.

What makes Biorepair® Intensive Night Repair different from other toothpastes
Biorepair® Intensive Night Repair has a unique microRepair®, Zinc PCA® xylitol based extended-release formulation, its sustained action at night remineralises and repairs tooth enamel.

How microRepair®, Zinc PCA® and Xylitol works
Zinc PCA® and Xylitol have strong long-lasting antiseptic and antibacterial properties that protect the oral cavity to wake up to fresher breath. The microRepair® particles are made from Hydroxyapatite whose composition is very similar to that of tooth enamel. This similarity gives microRepair® the biomimetic properties to bond the microparticles to enamel and dentin, with ensuing mineralising and restorative action.